The Edge of Ingenuity

There’s a place far from the mundane, a boundary between worlds

Rollicking like froth-capped surges on the open sea

Daylight dances across the waves, shimmering in the salt air

Birds circle far above. More than visible, they are Obvious

What lies beneath cannot be seen but for glimpses

A dorsal fin pierces the water, then submerges

A ship rests on the boundary, heaving, rolling

The surface supports it, defines it, enslaves it

They pitch backward from its deck. They fall, they splash

They are gone. The waves roll on, undisturbed, uncaring

Heads bob to the surface, spit out mouthpieces

and clamber back onto their ship. Explorers.

They have gone below

Seen what was hidden

And they will go again

And again.


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