Why did the Corpus Callosum cross the road?

Why did the Corpus Callosum cross the road?
To get to the other side.

Why did the beta-amyloid cross the road?
Because… I… it… What was the question again?

Why did the spinothalamic tract cross the road?
The other side was on fire.

Why did the amygdala cross the road?
It was running away from a… OH MY GOD ITS COMING RIGHT FOR US!

Why did the central sulcus cross the road?
You would too, if you were surrounded by creepy homunculus things.

Why did the Wernicke’s aphasia cross the road?
The road a cross dirun like two. Free crosses rodeo why? Arrest and Texas in red, yes happy area.

Why did the Korsakoff syndrome cross the road?
I don’t know, what does it matter to you? I was going to the park. That’s right, I was taking a walk in the park. Now get off my back!

Why did the septum pellucidum cross the road?
I don’t know but that sounds pretty bad, you better’d start dexamethasone.

Why did the optic chiasm cross the road?
Because it couldn’t see the median.

Why did the cavernous sinus cross the road?
It didn’t.

Why did the Broca’s aphasia cross the road?


Google releases 3D Imaging Tablet

Google releases 3D Imaging Tablet

Media: “Google, why would anyone want hyper-advanced 3D imaging in a tablet?”

Google: “Furniture shopping.”

Media: “Seriously? Is that really enough to justify a secretive machine vision project on a 7″ tablet?”

Google: “You could play games. Like Angry Birds. You could destroy real-life furniture. And then go furniture shopping.”

Media: “How do we know you aren’t an evil machine consciousness preparing humanity to be devoured?”

Google: “Resistance is futile. Your social and biological uniqueness will be assimilated into our own. Do not run. Resistance is futile.”

Media: “I, for one, welcome our new android overlords.”